Permaculture Paradise // Atherton Tablelands

I have always lived in suburbia. For as long as I can remember, I have disliked it. But more recently I have begun to wonder if suburban living can be used as a general label to describe our sort of modern disease.

Auto-vehicle dependancy, technology dependancy, busy-ness, efficiency, a false sense of productivity and overall a false sense of living. We've adopted this attitude, it seems, of 'if it's not the most efficient way of doing something, you've got it wrong'. What's more, we fill our days with things that make us feel busy and productive because we are made to think that time spent 'unproductively' is time wasted.

Is this why we are all sad and confused? Because we are all frustrated, deep down, with the values that society teaches us? More and more we see not only a generation of confused youth but confused 40 year olds and even stressed out 12 year olds. Maybe it all just doesn't correlate with our souls. But we don't know what to do about it.

Sometimes this feeling, a culmination of perfect lawns, traffic lights, keyboards, computer mouses and a whole lot of the inside of the doctor's office builds up inside me until every muscle is tense and my jaw is clenched at night. I needed release. So I took a plane to Cairns and I found myself walking through rows of dragonfruits on vines, listening to the cows and the squabble of children.

I am thankful for my aunty and uncle, the Gillespies, and the little piece of paradise they lovingly formed over the years in Tarzali, Queensland. Here I could rest and feel for once a connection to the food I ate and the people I sat next to. 

I want to know what your thoughts are. Let's start the discussion on suburbia and our modern disease. Write your comment below…

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