the National Arboretum // wide brown land

I like the way we thought that day. 

Walking, it gave time to talking.

It began by letting nature make its sound.

Only then we found space to think out loud.

Our thoughts, I think my lecturers would have liked them. You could say we were seeing things through a geographical lens. But me, I like to think this is how we should think all the time.
We weren’t only being, we were seeing.
And not only seeing, but thinking.
And so, we observed the land, how it made us feel, how we could change it to make us feel differently. This was connection. To each other, to the present moment, to the space we were in. We were actively turning it into a ‘place’. 
I think photography is a valid use of the land. And a good one at that. I could imagine how this freshly born place would host a few genuine spirited photo-makers and their glowing subjects. In this way would its ‘placeness’ develop: it became special to ones who took and held the photos and other photo-creators would come to create amongst its trees. Photographers are trained to seek beauty. How can I look to see the most wonder in this landscape? Where can I walk to find it? On what level do I get to see it? Where does the sun shine from when it is at its most beautiful? 

So, in taking photographs here in this place I am fulfilling part of my hopes for coming: that I would purposefully seek its beauty and mull over its significance- and that I would share it with you, so you would see, and you would think... and maybe you would share too.


{Beauty, truth & goodness’— the artist’s mandate}

~ Dearest Daria ~

Daria Bodman2 Comments