Meet me by the sea // dec '16

I'll meet you by the sea

Where the waves rush, the waters run
The sun warms the highest objects on the land.
The holiday-goers, all ages, drift away from their cares
like the tide from the shore in the late afternoon.
Where sleep isn't a burden, rather an activity on our list-
the list we made but do not quite plan to keep.

So meet me by the sea,
Where I'll let my guard down,
Learn how to be a child again,
Not stray from sunburn and a scraped knee.

I promise to let go of the shame
Of being lazy, no plan, no produce.
Just meet me by the sea,
Where the cool sand reaches out a familiar hand,
Inviting you & me to fold into it,
To let go, to be free.

Daria Bodman1 Comment